The World

Formally, the Material World or The World In-Between. The surface of the world consists of five continents, and the ocean in between. The five continents are as follows.

Khareen: The “Dark Continent”. Notable for an unusual number of openly evil city-states, particularly the city of Nux. Rorion, the City of Shields, stands as a buffer against the influence of these city-states. In ancient times, the heartland of the great tiefling empire of Bael Turath.

Phorolax: “Dragonhome”. Long ago the heartland of the ancient dragonborn empire of Arkhosia, Phorolax is still known for its unusually high concentration of dragons. Large-scale civilization is not common on Phorolax at the present time.

Mokoto: Home to many of the most extreme climates in the world, Mokoto is the location of the Great Burn, the hottest and largest desert in the world, as well as the Fingers of the World, its highest mountain range.

Olozim: A polar wasteland, Olozim is home to only the hardiest representatives of each of the major races. There are permanent residents, both of the intelligent and monstrous varieties, but few of them are particularly friendly.

Marraras: As recently as a few hundred years ago, the heartland of the great human empire of Nerath, which covered most of the world. The empire is gone, but the city of Nerath remains the high point of human culture, art and civilization in the present world.

The World

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